Alzheimers care Tansboro NJSadly there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. However, if detected early, there is medication that can be taken to mitigate the effects of the ailment. Caring for a loved one who has this disease can be challenging because people who suffer from this disease require constant attention. Offering the level of care required by an Alzheimer’s patient can be daunting especially if you have to attend to other crucial tasks such as work. To keep your loved one safe, comfortable and to ensure that they have access to the requisite medication, it is better to commit them to a quality facility offering Alzheimers care Tansboro NJ like Allegria at the Fountains.

But how will you know if your loved one requires specialist care? Read on to understand the top early warning signs that point to the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Top Warning Signs Of Alzheimer’s Onset

1. Poor memory

People who are afflicted by this disease tend to forget things very quickly. For example, your loved one may start forgetting names of people that they have been dealing with on a daily basis for a long time.

2. Trouble with speech

At the onset of this disease, you may notice that your loved one has sudden speech impediment. Additionally, they may also start having trouble with grammar. This can reflect itself through poor communication.

3. Losing things

If your loved one starts misplacing things or forgetting where they placed items in the house, it may be a sign that they have early onset Alzheimer’s. It is normal to occasionally misplace things but if it becomes a trend, consider taking them to an expert for diagnosis.

4. Losing track of time

People who are afflicted with this ailment tend to lose track of time easily. If your loved one cannot account for how they spent the day or if they start forgetting appointments regularly, it may be an indication that they have Alzheimer’s.

5. Withdrawal

If your loved one starts changing their routine and withdrawing from social activities, they may have Alzheimer’s. When this is coupled with an avoidance of hobbies and mood swings, you should take them to a specialist for diagnosis.

6. Poor decision making

People suffering from Alzheimer’s often have poor judgement. For example, you may notice that your loved one has started making questionable donations or that they are using their money in a way that they would not ordinarily.

7. Trouble handling simple daily tasks

Alzheimer’s mostly affects the memory of an individual. When one is afflicted, they may start having trouble handling easy tasks that they used to do. For example, you may notice that your loved one has trouble following recipes or instructions on a manual.

If you notice several of the early warning signs discussed above in your loved one, take them to an specialist so that they can be diagnosed as quickly as possible. If they test positive for Alzheimer’s, you can ensure that they receive premium Alzheimers care Tansboro NJ by getting them residency at Allegria at the Fountains – The premier Alzheimer’s care facility in New Jersey. To schedule a tour of the facility, simply visit