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Numerous seniors experience the ill effects of psychological decay as they age, from Alzheimer’s to Dementia, such cases tend to be an excruciating change following their diagnosis. In the event that someone you love is experiencing the signs of Alzheimer’s, Allegria At The Fountains is there is the way to go for the absolute best Alzheimers care Vorhees NJ.

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Unfortunately, if your cherished loved one has started experiencing the effects of Alzheimer’s or some other type of cognitive decline, one can expect that their mental state will only worsen. As their infirmity advances, they will struggle to deal with fundamental everyday schedule exercises.

If at any point, you decide on Allegria At The Fountains, you can trust that we’ll help with observing your loved one’s side effects and handle their registration, keeping your family educated and updated on all of the newest developments or changes in behavior. Our gifted expert caregivers have the fundamental information and devices to deal with memory care needs, easily.

Those experiencing Alzheimer’s may need to remain in an atmosphere that has a sense of security, as well as peace and calmness. We know that it can be a serious readjustment to leave the security and commonality of your home, and that’s why numerous families pick in-home Alzheimer’s care for their friends and family from Allegria at the Fountains.

Taking great care of a senior individual at home can be very testing in the event that one is not qualified, and that is the reason why at Allegria At The Fountains, our staff is skilled, licensed, and compassionate in all that they do, permitting your loved one to exercise the most of their independence and helping them to feel a higher caliber of life after their diagnosis.

Our caregivers are experts at what they do, prepared in dealing with everyday undertakings like light housekeeping, meal prepping and cooking, bathing, and the sky is the limit from there. We will ensure your cherished one’s climate is pleasing, quiet, and has a sense of security.

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It may be hard to pick and plan meals that empower a sound eating regimen when one is encountering cognitive decline issues. Allegria At The Fountains assembles appropriate eating routine and nourishment for all residents and patients we serve, in or out of their home.

Our staff is committed to cooking and serving solid and flavorful suppers that are exceptional. While picking more advantageous options, we can forestall mental decay and support your cherished one’s satisfaction.

As much as we wish this were not the situation, Alzheimer’s does not have a cure. In any case, certain medicines can adjust the manifestations, stalling them, and still giving your loved one a high-quality of life. Allude to our talented staff for Alzheimer’s care Vorhees NJ today.

Our attendants will consistently guarantee that everybody gets their appropriate medicine portions, and will likewise screen for each indication of mental decrease or changes in persistent conduct, keeping your family educated and aware of all happenings.

We long for our patients to know that they are in a sheltered, safe, and cozy climate with us, all through their treatment.

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Alzheimer’s symptoms and mental decrease can advance rapidly, if not checked and surveyed consistently.

At Allegria At The Fountains, we won’t let anybody experiencing mental decay be left all alone and will consistently keep refreshed on the most ideal methods of offering Alzheimer’s care Vorhees NJ. Our staff wants to have recreational exercises that keep our patients’ brains dynamic and energized for the days to come. Offering fun recreational classes, caregivers that are efficient and nurturing, and bustling social opportunities, we know that your loved one will fit right in.

Alzheimer's Care Vorhees NJWe realize that it very well may be so troublesome and discouraging to receive an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. We at Allegria at the Fountains hope to provide you with serenity by giving the proper care to the entirety of our loved one’s needs in a manner that is centered on their individuality.

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Get your independence and wellbeing back! We believe we can best serve our residents by getting to know their history, passions, interests, and needs.

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Memory Support

Offering stimulating and specialized daily activities, your loved one will enjoy all the luxuries of residential living and receive increased supervision, assistance and support.

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Short Term Stays

Experience all the luxury and care of life at Allegria at the Fountains, we offer short term and trial stays for Residential Living, Assisted Living and Memory Support care.


The aides, who were her primary caregivers and with whom she interacted the most, were spectacular. They gave prompt and excellent care with skilled, warm, and friendly personalities. They fell in love with Mom and she adored them, one and all.

The Cromer Family

Everyone here is so pleasant. The nursing staff is phenomenal and therapy is excellent. The staff prepared me to return home safely.

Jan Mc Eachron

Thanks much to you and your staff. Lesly and the Activities gals and others, for making Mom’s stay so hospitable. She came home and chatted for 30 minutes straight about her experience, especially liking the live music and activities and her salon visit! Hope she will be open to staying with you all again!

Lin Williams
Experience all the luxury and care of life at Allegria. Special pricing available for Short Term and Trial Stays.


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