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In today’s economy, you may find yourself in a situation where you would very much like to provide wonderful accommodations for a loved one who is at a point in life where they need assisted living, yet the cost makes this a remote possibility. At Allegria at the Fountains, we are very glad to let you know we can offer you the option of Companion Living Waterford, a program that may greatly impact your senior’s life in a positive matter, while making assisted living far more affordable than it would be otherwise.

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“How does this work?” you may ask. Staff from the Companion Living Waterford program will match up your loved one with someone who has similar interests and life experiences/background. They will share accommodations, and with this living arrangement, then have the opportunity to form new friendships, causing your family member to be far less likely to become isolated, lonely, or depressed.

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This relationship may also give them a deeper sense of purpose and well-being. Having a companion can also make it easier for them to step out and take part in activities and have more social interactions with others.

Another advantage of your elderly loved one becoming a part of the Companion Living Waterford community at The Fountains is the security another resident can offer not just to this family member, but the rest of your family as well. Because they see one another so often, a companion may notice slight changes in the abilities, health, or daily habits of the other.

They may notice that they’re not sleeping well, that they’re skipping meals or eating less, or that they may seem confused. While the companion is not a staff member, they may share this information with the staff or even with you or with someone else in your family.

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A couple of the other benefits of accessing Companion Living Waterford are potentially longer life and lower housing costs. There have been scientific studies done that prove that social relationships not only enhance the quality of everyday life but can even extend life expectancy.

Companion Living Waterford NJHaving this source of constant companionship and camaraderie may enrich mental and emotional stimulation, which may then contribute positively to their longevity.

Also, with your loved one’s participation in this program, there will be a significant decrease in the cost of your loved one’s accommodations, making it easier for you to relax and enjoy seeing your senior family member thrive, all while knowing that they’re in great hands.

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We are here for you, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be glad to provide more information, as well as answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

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Please give us a call at (215)752-9140 whenever it works for your schedule. We are here to provide you and your family with the support you need, and look forward to connecting with you soon.

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Offering stimulating and specialized daily activities, your loved one will enjoy all the luxuries of residential living and receive increased supervision, assistance and support.

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Experience all the luxury and care of life at Allegria at the Fountains, we offer short term and trial stays for Residential Living, Assisted Living and Memory Support care.


The aides, who were her primary caregivers and with whom she interacted the most, were spectacular. They gave prompt and excellent care with skilled, warm, and friendly personalities. They fell in love with Mom and she adored them, one and all.

The Cromer Family

Everyone here is so pleasant. The nursing staff is phenomenal and therapy is excellent. The staff prepared me to return home safely.

Jan Mc Eachron

Thanks much to you and your staff. Lesly and the Activities gals and others, for making Mom’s stay so hospitable. She came home and chatted for 30 minutes straight about her experience, especially liking the live music and activities and her salon visit! Hope she will be open to staying with you all again!

Lin Williams
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