Short Term Care Cherry Hill

Short Term Care Cherry Hill

Those who are having a temporary period of not being able to take care of a loved one may want to put their loved one in short term care. Short term care provides their loved one with a comfortable environment where they will receive every attention they need. Some who need short term care for their loved one must go on a business trip or are going on a vacation that their loved one is too sick or low functioning to go on. Others may simply need a break from care giving for a while.

Many choose to put their loved one in short term care after their loved one has suffered an injury that required a hospital stay. This may be especially useful if their loved one underwent surgery. Seniors have a significantly harder time healing from surgery and there are more risks to their health while doing so. Allegria Fountains short term care Cherry Hill location provides short term care that takes care of every need their loved one might have:

24/7 Nursing

Many who enter short term care are undergoing a healing process. Nurses may be needed to change bandages, make sure the patient doesn’t fall, or administer medicine. Nurses are also responsible for taking care of emergency situations. Those who are used to having a nursing assistant at home to take care of their loved one may wish to put them in a facility where nurses will be provided to them until they are able to house their loved one again.

They Will Enjoy Every Amenity That Independent Living Residents Have

Every amenity provided to independent living residents will be provided to your loved one during their stay. The residents at Allegria Fountains enjoy shopping trips and visits to local restaurants. Many think of putting their loved one in an assistant living facility as forcing them to go stiff crazy. This is absolutely not the case when you choose to go with Allegria Fountains.

Many activities are held that the seniors can participate in. Some of which include basketball, crossword puzzles, and worship services. At least five activities are available every day. They are changed up everyday so that they do not feel mundane. TVs are also available to the residents so that they may watch their favorite TV shows or the news.

All Personal Needs

Residents are offered three balanced meals a day. They may choose to get a snack anytime they wish to eat more. The nurses on staff will help them with bathing or any other personal hygiene need that they cannot take care of themselves. A barber and beauty parlor shop are also available so that no personal grooming is neglected.

The Best Place For Short Term Care

Allegria Fountains offers the best care to seniors who are in need of a short term facility to rehabilitate. The short term care Cherry Hill location is the perfect place to trust your loved one with. They believe in respecting every resident’s need for respect, comfort, and care.