Short Term Care Chesilhurst NJ

Allergia at the Fountains fully appreciates the stress and pressures that offering long-term care for a loved one can involve. Sometimes the chance to have a holiday or even a short break can make a significant difference, especially when assisting someone who has a special condition such as Parkinson’s or dementia.

When it comes to Short Term Care Chesilhurst NJ, one of our friendly, skilled carers can step in to attend to your loved one as you have a break. It might involve anything from cleaning, cooking, companionship, through to medical management, personal care, or even more intricate support for specialist conditions.

Fortunately, temporary care arrangements like short term care can afford you the luxury of having the most out of your schedules as you ensure that your loved one gets the best available form of care. At Allergia at the Fountains, we understand how tedious it can be to offer adequate care for your dear one, particularly when you also have to carry one with your daily needs. We can help you alleviate the issues you are experiencing through our professional short term care service.

Short Term Care Chesilhurst NJ: Available Options

Live In Respite Care

Allergia at the Fountains understands the dilemma that you can have after replacing a full-time caregiver, particularly when the patient involved has built a special bond with their live-in caregiver. That is the reason we have a comprehensive home respite care service to involve short term caregivers who’re capable of acting in similar capacities.

In general, our live-in respite caregivers are well-equipped to temporarily act in similar capacities by offering live-in respite care to your dear one. They also take over all the duties of your previous assigned full-time carers. And these may include; running errands around and out the home, doing the laundry, changing the bed every morning, doing house chores and any other home cleaning activity, taking one or more pets for evening walks and a lot more duties that your full-time caregiver is needed to accomplish daily.

Visiting Care

With this visiting care option, you can afford the luxury to take a well-deserved break from your initial full-time care of your dear one. Usually, this is best used when you are the primary caregiver of a dear one or require to give your past caregiver one or a few weeks breaks in between their usual full-time care provision timetable. And in this case, our respite care professional will be assigned to offer cover a week or more, based on the severity of that particular situation.

What’s more, this is popularly used if clients have to attend to emergencies or any other commitments that may hinder their ability to offer the required care whenever it is needed. In addition, our respite care at home service makes sure that someone is always available to make sure that your dear one gets adequate care and support even if you or the initially assigned full-time caregiver is unavailable to attend to your loved one.